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Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program now underway
The Department of Homeland Security has published the notice for the 2006 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program. The distribution of grants has been held up by the delayed posting. Typically, fire departments began receiving awards announcements as early as June.   
The Grants Ballgame: You Can't Win, If You Don't Play
Many departments, and particularly volunteer departments, fight a continuous and ongoing battle in funding their existence. Shrinking tax bases, poor economies and swings from the budget axe take their toll on all departments daily and have become the norm, instead of an occasional problem area.   
Cruisin for Solutions Recap
As I sit here in the cold, rainy, unpredictable weather of Connecticut, I cannot help but look forward to the next ‘Cruisin for Solutions’… We had a great week of fun and sun, oh yeah, and we learned quite a bit from each other.  
Functional Fundraisers
Last week we looked at fundraising basics, and as promised, this week we will browse through the submissions at to pick out the 'cream of the crop.'  
Grants by the Numbers
With this year's AFGP and SAFER grants application periods over, it is time to start planning for next year.  
Grants by the Numbers, Part 2
When I wrote my first article about grants by the numbers, I received a lot of feedback, both positive and negative. I thought I would take a few minutes and address the feedback and provide some clarifications.   
What Separates the Winners from the Losers in Grants?
Many departments, particularly volunteer departments, fight a continuous and ongoing battle in funding their existence.  
Length of Service Award Programs
Gary emailed me to ask about LOSAP programs, their funding, disbursement options and their overall effect on volunteering.   
LOSAP Part 2
The first column on length of services award programs (LOSAP) focused on a specific situation and LOSAP plans in general. This column looks at how people have actually put LOSAP plans together, LOSAP resources, and studies that have been done on effectiveness of plans.  
Applying for SAFER Grants
Last year we missed the boat with the SAFER grants. While in 2005 over 20,000 departments applied for an AFG grant, less than 3,000 departments applied for a SAFER grant.  

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