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Balancing Bylaws...
Every department needs to have a document with the rules governing the department, and no matter whether you call it bylaws or a constitution, the principles are the same.  
Cruisin for Solutions Recap
As I sit here in the cold, rainy, unpredictable weather of Connecticut, I cannot help but look forward to the next ‘Cruisin for Solutions’… We had a great week of fun and sun, oh yeah, and we learned quite a bit from each other.  
Making it Through the Day
Volunteer fire departments by nature have good times and bad. We have times when we pack the truck like a clown car, and times when we respond with just a driver. Often, our lean times are during daylight hours, which also tend to be our busiest times.  
Preventing Another Line-of-Duty Death
With all the dangers we face daily as volunteers, it really saddens me to see line of duty deaths responding to, or from an incident. We always believe that it may be the fire that is going to get us, when to often motor vehicle incidents claim the lives of our brethren.  
Airbag Safety
Today’s vehicles pose many new dangers for First Responders.   
Putting Success into SOPs
Md. medevac crash raises question about trauma procedures
Helicopter was summoned because one of the "mechanisms" of the accident suggested a probability of serious injury of more than 20%  
NIMS Can Create Accountability Problems on Scene
You go to a fire in a garden apartment. You have fire showing from the terrace level with extension to the floor above. The chief tells you, "Engine One, you are the Division One Supervisor. You have Engine Two and Truck One in the division with you." You acknowledge the transmission and then get to work stretching a line. What did you just say yes to?  
Scene lighting glare a possible factor in Ark. LODD
The firefighter fell from a bridge after losing balance; the NIOSH fatality report makes scene lighting recommendations  
Uncoordinated ventilation cited in Ill. floor collapse LODD

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