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Date last updated: Tuesday, January 30, 10:57 PST

13 Things You Can Do To Kill a Volunteer Fire Company

(NOTE: This was originally posted on the message board at and I liked it so much, I asked Jerry if I could reprint it in our weekly column. Let me know what you think! -JZ)

I've responded to many threads on this site, but I've never actually started one. I have put a lot of effort into keeping my volunteer company healthy and active, and have come up with some of the things people dothat seem to be aimed at trying to intentionally kill a volunteer company.(Or any organization for that matter) Enjoy.

13 Things You Can Do To Kill a Volunteer Fire Company (VFC)

1. Don't attend training or meetings, but if you do, arrive late.

2. Be sure to leave before the meeting is over.

3.When at a business meeting, vote yes to everything and then do nothingto help.

4. The next day (or right after the meeting) find fault with your board ofdirectors and officers.

5. Take no part in volunteer company business.

6. Do not pay attention at training. Stay in the back and talk to anothermember. (Nobody will notice)

7. Show up for the fires, but nothing else.

8. Talk cooperation. Don't cooperate.

9. If you are asked to help, always say you are too busy.

10. Never read anything pertaining to the organization or the fire servicein general. You might learn too much.

11. Never accept an office; it is much easier to criticize than toactually do anything.

12. If appointed to a committee, never give it any time. Let the chairmando all the work.

13. Don't do anything more than the bare minimum. Then when otherswilliningly and unselfishly use their ability to help the cause scream andyell that the VFC is run by a clique.

Take Care All-

Jerry Hagen
Winchester VFC

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