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Date last updated: Tuesday, January 30, 10:57 PST

16 Things You Can Do To Help a Volunteer Fire Company Succeed

(NOTE: Two weeks ago I posted the 13 ways to kill a Volunteer Department. Bonnie sent me this response, and I loved the positive response and positive attitude. So here's a few words from the other side. -JZ)

Dear Jason,

Even though I know we have all felt the same way as Mr. Hagen, I thought it might be better to view it from a different perspective. So I have come up with a counter address as follows:

16 Things You Can Do To Help a Volunteer Fire Company Succeed!

1. Attend meetings, trainings and fundraisers and arrive early and stay late.

2.At meetings when voting yes for something make sure you will be available to commit to helping. Otherwise vote no.

3. After meetings or the next day, say thank you to your directors and officers for their continued service. Remember they are not getting paid to be there either.

4. Take part in company business. Be pro-active instead of re-active.

5. Pay attention at meetings and trainings and ask lots of questions.

6.Show up for all types of calls even the "routine" ones.

7. Co-operate. TEAM players are always required.

8. Help when someone asks and offer help even when they don't.

9. Educate yourself not only in dept. business but in all aspects of business.

10. Accept an office position. Your ideas are important.

11. If appointed to a committee make it a priority and give it your best. DO something with it!

12. Give more than just what is minimally required.

13. Take pride in your commitment and your accomplishments.

14. Give others their moment to shine.

15. Acknowledge all those who support the dept. both financially and personally.

16. NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!! If something is not working then find a new approach.

It is my hope that we can all remember to stay positive even in the worst of times because every cloud still has the sunshine behind it.

Bonnie Brown

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