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Balancing Bylaws...
Cruisin for Solutions Recap
Making it Through the Day
Preventing Another Line-of-Duty Death
Airbag Safety
Putting Success into SOPs
Md. medevac crash raises question about trauma procedures
NIMS Can Create Accountability Problems on Scene
Scene lighting glare a possible factor in Ark. LODD
Uncoordinated ventilation cited in Ill. floor collapse LODD
Pa. chief: Cuts put firefighters, residents at risk
Report stresses use of SCBA after W. Va. mobile home LODDs
Lack of firefighter team continuity cited in Pa. LODD report
NIOSH: RI firefighter likely killed retrieving pike pole
NIOSH: Bus killed Ill. firefighter despite traffic safety markers
The bus also struck several emergency cones and an apparatus parked at the scene  
NY report: Accountability confusion surrounded Buffalo LODDs
Crews struggled to locate Lt. "Chip" McCarthy; more than an hour and a half passed before they radioed Firefighter Jonathan Croom was also missing  
NIOSH: Vehicle siren not used in Md. fire chief LODD
The chief swerved to avoid a vehicle at an intersection, crashing into a tree  
Report: Ventilation, equipment problems in Md. explosion injuring 8 firefighters
Firefighters had set up a positive pressure ventilation fan and should have asked the utility company to immediately cut power, investigators say  
NIOSH: Crew integrity highlighted by NY basement LODDs
Firefighters acting without their full crew and accountability problems contributed to the deaths of two Buffalo firefighters, a report found  
NIOSH: Inadequate size-up, high winds key factors in Houston LODDs
Captain James Harlow and Probationary Firefighter Damien Hobbs were killed during interior operations  
Pre-planning tips for EMS highlighted at FDIC session
Karen Owens, emergency operations assistant manager at the Virginia Office of EMS, gave 4 main purposes for pre-plans  
Report: Canadian province's fire service at breaking point
The Fire Services Liaison Group report points to differing standards for training and readiness for British Columbia's 350 fire-rescue services  
DC Fire-EMS get new policies after child's death
Stephanie Stephens died after paramedics refused to take her to the hospital in the first of two visits to her home after she experienced breathing problems  
NYC Deutsche LODD report outlines high-rise fire recommendations
Two firefighters were killed and 115 firefighters suffered a variety of injuries in the 2007 fire; no water supply for over an hour  
Charleston Fire Capt. explains conditions at LODD scene
Captain Chris Villarreal emphasized the importance of firefighters being able to spot the first signs of rapidly deteriorating conditions  
FRI session outlines key responsibilities for first-due chief officers
Battalion Chief Steve Prziborowski, of the Santa Clara County, Calif., Fire Department, proposed his own version of the acronym  
SC department cited for OSHA safety violations
Three firefighters were injured at a house fire; the first citation is for the lack of an accountability system for tracking firefighters  
NIOSH: Uncoordinated ventilation caused flashover killing Ill. firefighter
Investigators say crews failed to recognize signs of an imminent flashover; firefighters were between the fire and ventilation points  
Close call with armed patient prompts changes at Calif. fire department
A firefighter became trapped in a room with the patient who suddenly brandished a gun toward the four firefighters who were there to assist her  
Revisiting the NIMS debate
We have to be careful with NIMS as with the many other blind orthodoxies we are encouraged to accept  
NIOSH: Firefighters neglected collapse risk in Calif. close call
An overhang collapsed and trapped a firefighter in San Francisco, leaving him with burns and a broken leg  
Lessons learned from structure collapse close call in SC
Five firefighters were on the second story of a house when the floor tilted, causing three firefighters to fall  
NIOSH: Wash. fire chief's death shows need for retrofitted vehicle safety
The chief was killed when the vintage 1960's off-road vehicle he was driving rolled down a steep slope, pinning him  
Report: Critically burned Md. firefighter lacked survival skills training
A Prince George's County investigation found the firefighter frantically searched for an exit and removed his PPE without issuing a mayday  
Report: LODD shows need for SOPs on clearing blocked SCBA
Firefighter John B. Glaser died May 22 last year when he removed his SCBA to clear vomit from the equipment  
Rescue of firefighter highlights need for well-designed RIT
However your department accomplishes the RIT function, make sure those crews are highly-trained, well-equipped, and diligent   
Our concept of risk/benefit analyses needs to change
Instead of trying to determine frequency and severity of uncertain situations, we should choose pre-determined courses of action and then engage in serious and continuous self-critique  
NIOSH: Insufficient warning to motorists in Pa. LODD
Volunteer Fire Police Captain Donald Mellott was hit by a vehicle while responding to a two-car crash last year  
Stop, evaluate and decide
Keeping communication open lets you know if your plan is being carried out, and if it's having the impact you're hoping for  
Tenn. fire chief credits NIMS in treatment plant search
One of the first officials on the scene was Gatlinburg Fire Chief Greg Miller, a certified instructor in the National Incident Management System  
NY silo fire LODD prompts safety, tactics report
The silo exploded and killed an assistant fire chief after he closed hatches at the top of the structure  
911 audio from Alameda drowning released
Firefighters have said they did not enter the water because they were not certified to carry out water-land rescues  
NIOSH: LODD shows dangers of using fire escapes to access roofs
Firefighter Christopher Wheatly died last year when he fell 53 feet from a fire escape ladder while responding to a restaurant fire  
City officials faulted in Conn. firefighter deaths
A NIOSH report says an incident safety officer and rapid intervention team weren't readily available at the scene  
Teen driver in Tenn. fire truck crash prompts age scrutiny
On her way back from a call, an 18-year-old firefighter lost control, overcorrected and crashed a 28,000 pound tanker  
Fla. wildfire LODDs prompt recommendations
Firefighters Josh Burch and Brett Fulton were killed while fighting the Blue Ribbon Fire on June 20  
Rapid intervention teams: What firefighters should know
An effective RIT team should work together as a group and approach training evolutions in a teamwork fashion  
NIOSH: Lack of hazard markers, radios factored in Chicago LODDs
Two firefighters were killed and 19 others injured when a bowstring truss roof collapsed at an abandoned structure  
NIOSH: Tactics factored into LA metal fire explosion injuring 7 firefighters
The impact from the flaming shrapnel and percussion from sound waves caused injuries ranging from burns to ringing in ears  
Vehicle fires do not merit unnecessary risks
Why do we as a fire service place ourselves at substantial risk to save burning vehicles in the first place?  
How to best utilize rapid intervention teams
How seriously do you value your firefighters? If you have an elite RIT that trains for multiple scenarios, then you can probably answer in a positive manner  
Rail hazards: Prepare with training, teamwork
If you have a railroad in your jurisdiction, when was the last time you received training on railcar emergencies or exercised a scenario like this?  
Swedish fire expert critical of US firefighter safety at FRI
Dr. Stefan Svensson gave a damning indictment of safety within the U.S fire service four years ago, and this year had a follow-up  
After Action Reviews for firefighter safety touted at FRI session
Richard Gist, principle assistant at the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, outlined how AARs are the backbone of the military's operational culture  
Water supply, size-up issues cited in Texas egg plant LODD
Two captains entered the burning structure with an uncharged hose line and became disoriented after running low on air  
New salvage operations policy prompts outcry from Pa. firefighters
Under the new policy, an incident commander will decide what salvage operations are needed  
NIOSH: Firefighter died of burns after apparatus got stuck in sand
Ineffective awareness, training, PPE and personnel accountability contributed to death of volunteer firefighter during wildfire  
Attack on firefighters prompts policy review
Fire chief has spoken with other agencies about their transportation policies, but none would have altered the outcome of Sunday's events  
Fire department policies: When you need them
Striking the right balance of policy and freedom to decide makes for a better-running fire department  
Why Fluffy the cat is a safety issue
There may not be an easy answer to the cat-rescue question, but it needs to be a well-examined policy before ladder touches tree  
A case for SOG-driven response
Two case studies highlight why flexible, clear SOGs are the best way for first-due companies initiate action  
Goldfeder: Never, ever post patient photos anywhere
It may seem obvious that it is unprofessional, possibly criminal, to post images from the scene on social media, yet it happens  
Know what to do with fireground video
Sensitivity, common sense and following policy need to come into play when capturing and releasing fireground video  
How to gain complete compliance for SOGs
Washington D.C.'s No One Goes Home program is a template any department can use to get SOG buy in from officers and firefighters  
Volunteer firefighters killed in West blast 'still heroes' after toxicology results
Two firefighters had alcohol levels above the legal limit to drive, one had trace amounts of marijuana — none of which affected the outcome  
Every department should have the 'drug and alcohol' talk
The news from West, Texas reaffirms that firefighters make mistakes like everybody else, and that we need to discuss these issues to reduce those mistakes  
36 questions every officer candidate should answer
Before managing your first incident, be sure to have a firm grasp on these critical questions  
What to do before a firefighter is hurt
Not all firefighter injuries will be prevented; planning for the inevitable is key to dealing with a firefighter on-duty injury   
Rapid Response: Fatal shooting shows growing potential for violence on the fireground
A Long Beach Fire Department (Calif.) fire captain was killed and another firefighter and civilian were injured in a shooting  

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